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The Edge Series

Book One

Who the hell knew one email would change my life.

I’m not the boy next door; life has made me hard, dark at times, and rough around the edges.  I blur the line between right and wrong so why I’m in the business I’m in is fucking beyond me.  It’s a job; I don’t make it personal.

Until I get her email.

There was intrigue behind every word. She got my attention. She’d even get my services. What I hadn’t planned on was her stealing my heart.


Who knew one email would change my life.

I lived in a gilded cage. Given everything except the one thing I wanted…love. My husband was always absent. I wanted answers.

He took my case, he promised to find me answers. What I hadn’t planned on was him stealing my heart.

I wanted love. I’d come to learn I was looking for it with the wrong man.



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The Edge Series

Book Two

Control. I have it in both business and sex. I don’t take orders; I give them. My business is thriving, and I have a sweet piece messing up my sheets. We get pregnant and everything I didn’t know I wanted is handed to me. Priorities shift, my focus turning to a home and family. Until tragedy strikes, then betrayal. Rage consumes me, eating me alive from the inside out.

Then Madison Tanner comes crashing into my world. Suddenly, I’m not the one in control anymore.


I thought I had everything I ever wanted. It was all lies. I’m left alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered world. Secrets can be dangerous; when his start surfacing, danger isn’t far behind. I fear I’ll never be safe again.

As if my life isn’t bad enough, a fender bender brings arrogant Lane Collins into my world. I think he’s one more thing I have to shake off, but he becomes the one thing I can’t let go.


Freeing His Dark EdgesPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00075]

-Dark Edges short story-

Surprising Chase Black is not an easy task but when he opened the little box on Christmas morning to see tickets to one of the biggest MMA fights in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, he was shocked. I thought I’d had the reins on our trip but since then, Chase keeps giving me those looks, a smirk that says I’m the one in for a surprise.

*Freeing His Dark Edges was first published in the Alphas & Fairytales Anthology*


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 I was walking out on my life, ready to move on, but before I could it all changed in an instant. Guilt had me feeling responsible. My demons had me feeling desperate. I tried to take my life. I failed. They sent me to a mental ward. Sixty days. Thirty-one days in, they put me in a new visiting program. I didn’t give a shit; no one was going to reach. I was too far gone.

Then I saw her.


The church was my life, one that was sheltered and protected from the real world. Then I found disturbing documents that had no place in my father’s office. My world was rocked. I needed answers. There was one person who could give them to me. I had thirty days to get the answers from him. The plan was simple.

Then I saw him.




A novel by:
L.A. Fiore & Anthony Dwayne

The quaint town of Ogg’s Point rests on the rocky coasts of Maine. Native Rutledge RainesUnleashed Final Ebook left home with no plans of returning, but years later he is drawn back to sell his late grandmother’s house. He never imagined the mundane task would drop the annoying but sexy Peyton Morgan into his life. Being home forces him to remember why he left in the first place because even small towns have secrets lurking in the shadows. When those demons are unleashed, Rut, Peyton and Ogg’s Point will never be the same.




A novel by:
L.A. Fiore & Anthony Dwayne

After tragedy rocks the small town of Danville Creek, best friends Emma Blake and Ring around the Rosey eBookBranch McKenna are ripped from the only homes they’ve ever known.
Twenty years later, they are called back to… Rosey Plantation.
A getaway shared by their parents and… the place they were all found dead.

As they get the house ready to sell, they uncover clues to a game—a handcuff key in a trinket box, eye bolts anchored into the basement wall, silk bindings in unusual places—and discover it wasn’t a retreat but a place to play.

While Emma and Branch find solace in one another, and explore some of their own dark fantasies, mysterious things start happening. Convinced they need to play the erotic game, or end up like their parents, their lives start to unravel.

Some say ghosts can haunt, but when the danger becomes real, they find themselves racing against the clock to find the killer among friends before history repeats itself.
Are you ready to play, Ring around the Rosey?
They all fall down.




A novel by:
L.A. Fiore & Anthony DwayneIncomplete eBook

You go through your day on autopilot.
Day after day, the same routine. The days meld together, years bleed into the next, molding the life you live.
A life you once dreamt would be epic, but instead you fall into the rut we call life.
There are days you sit and wonder is the grass really greener on the other side? Does the sun shine brighter? Do the flowers smell sweeter?
Until one day… you take that leap to find out for yourself. And in the midst of it all, your world crumbles around you.
Meet Tillian Forester and Gage Sutherland and how they destroyed each other’s lives.